How to Make a Jack O Lantern Mask

How to Make a Jack O Lantern Mask - Final Picture

How to Make a Jack O Lantern Mask

Are you looking for Halloween activities for kids? Why not make a Jack O'Lantern Mask? It's fun, super easy and a great Halloween craft idea. Just dig up a paper plate or two from the summer picnic supplies, orange paint or markers, some scissors and yarn. Let's go!

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How to Make a Jack O Lantern Mask - Materials
What You Need: 
  • Construction Paper (green)
  • Paper Plate
  • Crayons/Markers
  • Paint (optional)
  • Yarn or Ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue
  • Scissors
What You Do: 
  1. Use paint/crayons/markers to color the plate orange. 
  2. Cut a stem out of the green construction paper.
  3. Cut holes in your paper plate where the eyes are so you can see with it on.
  4. Staple or glue the stem to the mask.
  5. Draw the jack ‘o lantern face you want.
  6. Punch holes in the sides of the plate and string the yarn/ribbon through. Tie a knot on each side of the plate.
  7. Wear your mask with pride! 


Thank you, Mara! I hope you enjoy doing this activity.~Tia (Mum)

Thank you, Mara! I hope you enjoy doing this activity.~Tia (Mum)

When the kids say they're "bored," that's when I always wish I had a craft like this to pull out and sit them down to. Thanks for these great videos.

You're welcome, Julia! I'm glad you like the videos. I hope the help with those "bored" days.~Tia (Mum)

I can't resist anything pumpkin and neither can my children. They'll have fun with this one--thank you!Susie

Hi Susie,Max and I love pumpkins, too. You should see how many different types of Jack O'Lanterns we have around here. ~Tia (Mum)

Thank you, Diane! I appreciate that. And, I hope you neice and her daughter enjoy it.~Tia (Mum)

My toddler would love this. She's currently obsessed with jack o'lanterns and anything involving a marker is a big hit, so we'll have to try this the next rainy day. Thanks for an easy and fun idea! -Brenda   

I know what you mean about the Jack o'Lantern obsession. Max has one, too. Thank goodness they have the LED lights that can work in them because he also insists on turning the light on and off. He also loves the mask. I hope your toddler loves it just as much.~Tia (Mum) 

You have such cute ideas on this website. Although my kids are past this stage, I have new neighbors next door with three little ones. I'd definitely be passing this along to them. Perfect timing! Thanks!

Hi Melissa,

Thank you, so much! I really appreciate that. I hope your neighbors enjoy the activites. Adding more each week.

~Tia (Mum)

These are so cute and clever.  Thanks for sharing!

Thank you, Jeannie! I really appreciate that. I hope you and the little ones have lots of fun.

~Tia (Mum)

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