How to Make an Art Portfolio for Kids

How to Make an Art Portfolio for Kids - Final Picture

How to Make an Art Portfolio for Kids

Do you have a lot of artwork from your kiddos? We sure do. A great way to keep it all nice and safe (as well as be able to look at it instead of cramming it in a box) is to make an Art Portfolio. Its so easy and so fun. Your kiddo can decorate it any way they choose, and you can look at the precious artwork whenever you want.

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How to Make an Art Portfolio for Kids - Materials
What You Need: 
  • 3 Ring Binder
  • Sheet Protectors
  • Camera
  • Artwork
  • Markers and Stickers
What You Do: 
  1. Decorate the outside of the binder with the markers and stickers.
  2. Fill it with sheet protectors.
  3. Use these to keep your child’s artwork.
  4. If it is a big project, take a picture and put the photo in the sheet protector. (If it’s digital, you can blow it up and print it on regular paper so it fits.)
Keep In Mind: 
  • Great for when you refrigerator fills up.
Cost to Do: 


You are right, Diane. It is never too late. If you still have the artwork, at least. I'm just starting the artwork collection with Max, so I have a feeling I am going to have a lot of portfolios. wink

~Tia (Mum)

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